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ACTP - Why We Do What We Do

"It is primarily man who makes entire animal species disappear by intervening in nature and hunting black market coveted species. The natural populations of several parrots are critically endangered, already disappeared in the wild, or even completely extinct.

We see ourselves as a kind of ark. With our work and the support of our partners, we want to protect endangered species. We aim to build up populations and even bring the Spix's macaw, which has already been extinct in the wild, back into nature and its homeland.

The Spix's Macaw Release Project is only possible thanks to the many years of support from our partners, such as ICMBio Pairi Daiza Foundation Spix Macaw (AWWP) #KauriCAB Group Museum für Naturkunde Berlin Grumbach Brutgeräte EUGY by dodoland …and many, many more.

Many thanks also to those partners and supporters involved in the project, which we haven't mentioned here!"

Check out this wonderful video to learn more about ACTP's mission to save endangered parrots:

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