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Nasos; My Favourites of the Red-tails

I love Red-tailed Black Cockatoos Calyptorhynchus banksii, have done since I was a kid. To many, a Red-tail is a Red-tail, so to speak. However, having held all subspecies, bar the Graptogyne and the newly recognised Escondidus, at my home, it is very clear that this is not the case at all.

Whilst I certainly do love them all, my clear favourite is without doubt, the Naso. I just love their stockiness, large head and beak and the spectacular colouration of the females. This subspecies hails from south-west Western Australia.

Here are some photos of a stunning true-to-type Naso pair, that I purchased from Victorian cockatoo breeder, Craig Livingstone. They are a cracking pair that demonstrate exactly how the Naso subspecies should look; stocky, with big heads and huge beaks and the hen bird is gorgeously marked.

They are just approaching breeding age, and are currently busy working their nest, so fingers crossed that breeding success will soon follow.

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