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Night Parrots found in the Pilbara

After the incredible, groundbreaking rediscovery of the mysterious Night Parrot by acclaimed Aussie Naturalist, John Young in 2013, the hunt for the this amazing, but largely unknown bird has intensified right across the continent. Mr Young spent decades searching for this small, green parrot of the night, that was for many years considered to be most likely extinct. However, due to his determination, largely self-taught tracking skills and sheer tenacity, John proved the doubters wrong.

The latest discovery of the Night Parrot has been made by the Martu people's Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) rangers in the Pilbara desert.

Whilst this new discovery in the Pilbara is to be celebrated, Mr Young's rediscovery of the Night Parrot back in 2013 must be remembered as one of the most incredible findings of this century - John Young found the bird that almost everybody else thought to be extinct, and most had long given up on. There have been many stories published since Mr Young's rediscovery, attempting to discredit his findings; it's such a shame that these people are unable to celebrate his success, as opposed to feeling the need to pull Mr Young down at every opportunity. Very, very few people have dedicated their lives to bettering our understanding of nature and encouraging us all to care about it that little bit more, than this man; on behalf of every nature lover, I thank you, John.

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