Psittaculture by Tony Silva - Australian Stock

Psittaculture by Tony Silva - Australian Stock

SKU: ISBN 978-80-270-4276-0

Psittaculture:Australian stock now currently SOLD OUT!


100’s of copies sold since April 2020 in Australia alone! Now taking expressions of interest for a future shipment of this incredible and most comprehensive avicultural title on parrots ever published. If you have missed out and would like a copy please contact me and let me know.


Psittaculture - a Manual for the Care and Breeding of Parrots By Tony Silva - best selling author and one of the World's leading avicultural minds.


As Tony says: “This new edition is the most complete book on parrots in aviculture ever written. It has taken me 28 years since the first Psittaculture manuscript was completed to write the revised edition. During this time, my focus has been on amassing data, proving theories and further researching parrots.


The ALL NEW "Parrot Lover's Bible"! Available right here in Australia.


This book weighs 2.5 kg, has 600 pages and over 1000 photos.


ISBN 978-80-270-4276-0.


Please note: Due to limited stock and current worldwide situation only Australian orders will be accepted


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