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Macaws in Field and Aviary by Tony Silva - ORDER TODAY!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Available Now to Australian and New Zealand Residents

Macaws by Tony Silva - the most comprehensive guide ever written on this amazing group of birds.

As professor Luis Fábio Silveira says about this book in the preface:

“Sound scientific knowledge and first-hand experience are absolutely necessary and critical to help in the conservation of many species and for the proper care and wellbeing of the macaws in captivity. Although many books have been published about macaws, I have the pleasure to introduce this opera prima presented by the renowned Tony Silva, not only a book author, but also a worldwide reference in the management of parrots. Here the reader will find the result of decades of knowledge in delightful chapters accessible not only by the professionals but also by the laymen. Tony has a wide experience both in the field and in captivity, and his labor with these amazing birds is heartily translated in the following pages.

This book not only describes the basic morphology and data of all the species of macaws, but for the first time includes unpublished information about the history of each species in captivity, its trade, the growth rate of youngsters and more, all laboriously collected during years of intense work. This is one of the most interesting accounts of the whole book. If this were not enough, Tony also provides us with important and first-hand data about feeding, nutrition, nesting habitats and the clinical aspects of these birds.

The information in this encyclopedia on macaws will help the conservationists and researchers in the field, which will have a powerful tool to better understand these birds in the wild, but I really hope that this book will also be widely consulted by breeders, zoo keepers, curators of bird parks and by those fortunate in sharing their life with a macaw. Tony paid special attention to the quite recent field of mental wellbeing in birds, with important bits of information that can change drastically the life of a caged macaw and improve its quality of life. As smart, socially complex, vivid and intelligent birds, they can get bored if not properly stimulated. Here you will find not only a complete textbook about the macaws, but also many means to improve their life in captivity.

If you love macaws, read this book.”

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