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Par Blue Rainbow Lorikeet - No Longer the Missing Link

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I was recently invited to photograph some very special mutation lorikeets; a mutation that was for so long a missing link in the Rainbow mutation stable. I am of course speaking of the par blue Rainbow Lorikeet.

Ever since a blue Rainbow was discovered back in 1993, the dream of seeing a blue Rainbow mutation established in Australian aviaries has been shared by many, if not all, lorikeet mutation enthusiasts. Unfortunately, as many already know, this first blue bird was unwell from the beginning and despite being given the best possible chance to survive, it died not long after it came into care. As it turns out, when an autopsy was completed, it was discovered that it had been attacked by a hawk and a talon had pierced its lung.

Fast forward some 20 or so years and the arrival of a par blue bird on the scene really got the Australian lory world talking! Finally the missing link was back and the chance to establish this stunning colour mutation was on the cards.

Over the past 5 years Peter Kelly of NSW has been working hard to do just that, establish this very special mutation. He has taken the time to do it properly, outcrossing to vigorous, large normal Rainbows from day one and at every step along the way. When viewing the young blues that Peter has produced, this is clearly evident; they are as big as good quality normals, they look strong and healthy and fertility is on par with any quality Rainbows that you would find. I take my hat off to Peter for putting in the hard yards and taking the time to establish this beautiful mutation correctly, as opposed to rushing like a bull at a gate, and taking shortcuts to make a quick buck.

As you can see in the accompanying photos, Peter has also cracked the first secondary mutation to be produced, a creamino and what an absolutely stunning bird it is! Again, it is a very healthy and good sized bird, another testament to the dedicated and meticulous work put in by Peter.

Congratulations on producing such cracking birds, Peter and on behalf of all lorikeet mutation enthusiasts, thank you for your efforts and also for inviting me to come and photograph them.

What a stunning pair; the par blue and grey-green look simply incredible together.

I would have to say that for me, the par blue is the most stunning of the Rainbow mutations. And the fact that they are genetically very strong, exhibit fertility equal to normal wild-type birds and do not have any lethal factor, just adds to their already incredible appeal.

This bird would have to be the most stunning secondary mutation that I have ever laid eyes on in the Rainbow Lorikeet stable; it is a creamino and it is simply stunning! Its mate is a straight lutino outcross, and is certainly one of, if not the best looking lutino Rainbow that I have seen.

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