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Red-rumped Parrot Mutations

I have been a fan of many of the Red-rump mutations ever since I first saw photos of blues and opalines accompanying an article by the late David Judd, of Mildura that was featured in an issue of Australian Birdkeeper magazine in the early-mid 1990's. David Judd had a wonderful collection of Red-rump mutations that I was lucky enough to view back in 1994.

To this day I still believe that it's very hard to surpass a good quality opaline or blue, and lutino and cinnamon opaline combinations are also undoubtedly beautiful. Fast forward 20+ years and Red-rump mutations seem to be quite thin on the ground now, after interest in them peaked in the mid-late 1990's they slipped in popularity. As with many species, both normal wild-type and mutations, when they become common many of the experienced breeders move them on and then inevitably the numbers that are bred are rapidly and significantly reduced and they often become rare again.

So, I pose the following questions:

1) Do many breeders in Australia still keep and breed Red-rump mutations?

2) What mutations are still established/in existence in Australian aviculture?

3) Do you believe that the quality of the birds is overall better, as good or not as good as it was in the mid-late 1990's?

The beautiful birds seen in the accompanying photos belong to my friend, Peter Barnes of QLD. He has been working with mutation Red-rumps for many years and as you can see the results speak for themselves; congratulations mate and thanks for allowing me to view and photograph your stunning collection!

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