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Thank you Wisbroek for the beautiful t-shirts marking the return of the Spix’s to the Caatinga!

As part of the celebration of the arrival of the Spix's Macaws in the Caatinga, children living in the region are being given beautiful themed t-shirts. The first group were presented with theirs in Curaçá on the 6th of March. In total around seven thousand children live in the region. This gesture symbolises the beginning of a great educational project that will be sponsored by partners and supporters of the Spix's Macaw Release and Breeding Program throughout the years to come. A huge thank you goes to Wisbroek for sponsoring the t-shirts.

To stay up-to-date with everything about the Spix's Macaw and the project to return them to the wild, please follow the dedicated Spix's Macaw Website:

And also be sure to like and follow the ACTP Facebook page; click here to check out the recent post covering the t-shirt presentation:

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